It is often difficult to separate the model from the method.  For example, the change management learning center refers to ADKAR as a model, while they refer to their methodology as "The PROSCI change management methodology."

As such, it is best to break down practitioners by methods and models ...

Section 1:  Methodologies
Section 2:  Models

1.   Practitioner Methodologies
a.   ProSci (ADKAR)
b.   Change Execution Methodology (Daryl Conner)
c.    Change Leader's Roadmap (Anderson's)
d.   Accelerating Implementation Methodology (Implementation Management Associates)
e.   Managed Change Approach (LaMarsh)
f.    People Centred Implementation (ChangeFirst)
g.   CM Pocket Guide (Change Guides)
h.   Methods from Change Handbook (Cady, Devane, Holman eds.)
i.   Large consulting firms (difficult to find / private / $$$)

2.   Scholar-Practitioner Methodologies
a.   Kotter (8 step)
b.   Appreciative Inquiry (Cooperrider)
c.    Socio-Technical Systems (Emery & Trist)


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